Louis, You’re the man…I wish all the building managers were as diligent, responsive, and hard working like you!
-Jimmy M.

TRION has been around for a bit. We’ve been in contact for a few years on our whereabouts throughout the 3 property managers we were with within a two year time span. Our Board approved a transition to Trion because of lackluster performance of the last company, which was oversold to us during the interview. By far, even our sponsor accepts that Trion has done more for our building than their predecessors even with disapproval at first. Trion has been growing with us now that they are in the New York City 5 Borough territory. This is the land where few really excel at property management with one of the strictest set of building and housing codes in the country and with the oddest types of owners we can find in dense housing. Remediation for us has taken years, but that’s part of our strategy to be whole again with the limited cash flow we have. We see progress in the right direction.
— Ken W.

Very impressed with your efficiency.
— Bonnie M.

Thank you so much for sending the approval letter to me so quickly.
I very much appreciate all the help that you have given throughout this process and the timely way you have answered all my questions.
— Jeanne A.

Your response is exactly why we choose Trion. — Lou N.

Gentlemen, if I had you both on all of my deals, I would not have so many gray hairs.
Thank you for you timely and efficient attention to this matter.
— Riad M.

Love the communication 🙂 — Mary Jean H.

Yes, I missed it, thanks for the beautiful job putting it all together, never had an application so neat. I’ve been on board for many years and never seen an Application like that before. Thanks for your expert work. I accept the application. — Renee A.

Thank you for your loyalty, “that is price less”
You are 100% right, if you compare my set ups on that property with what she send you my deal price for you was $23,526,000 compare with hers $23,800,000.
But you did shows your professionalism and loyalty and I thank you very much.
Please lets make a deal together.
Thanks again
— Isaac K.

Congratulations! It is well deserved because we know how hard you work!
Hope it also means you got a raise and more help!
— Jolene

If this is a promotion, CONGRATULATIONS but……you were already at the top of my list!
Wishing y’all an enjoyable weekend.
— Yola

The application looks great! The Board had recently discussed raising/revamping the application and sublet fee structure – I believe it will be voted on at our meeting on Tuesday, so be ready for those numbers to change!
Thank you!
— Dana B.

You, Fenix, Domenick and Russell did a stellar job tonight. We thank you. It’s been a long time since things felt so positive. You showed us what professionals could do. — Lou M.