Trion Energy


Trion Real Estate Management clients receive the best in first-class service. We stand behind our motto – Trusted, Responsive, Invested, always ON call. Trion prides itself on dedicated service and the resources we offer as an innovative and respected industry leader.

Trion Energy has partnered with Thomas Devlin to create a best in class service to review and audit your building’s energy bills to see where we can save you money, manage expenses and reduce consumption.  Thomas has over 15 years of experience in finance and energy.  Since 2009, Thom has helped over 600 buildings in ConEd to help them manage their electricity and natural gas budgets.  The average property has seen 17% reduction in electricity and natural gas supply costs and the portfolio has saved over $2,150,000.

Energy Procurement, Markets and RFP’s:

Risk Management and Budget/Expense Control:

Along with opening up the electricity markets to improvements and innovation, deregulation offers an opportunity to help businesses with price risk management. Trion Energy will help you with this expense by helping you manage your exposure to the volatility of the commodity markets and to pay the lowest price possible over time.

Knowing what your expenses will be is a key component to running a good business or operation. After a free audit of your utility bills, Trion Energy will help you get your energy costs under control through the different tools and strategies available.

Energy Procurement, Markets and RFP’s:


In the current credit environment, choosing the right electricity or gas supplier, who will be there for the length of the contract, is crucial. In the pre-contract stage, Trion Energy will help you choose a stable supplier, discuss options, and use its expertise to read the contracts. Trion Energy will help you build an energy strategy that fits your needs. We thrive in volatile commodity market and see it as an opportunity to benefit by lowering your costs and avoiding rising prices simultaneously. Through close attention to the commodity market, and using market timing techniques Trion Energy will help you to time your purchases better.



With an intimate understanding of the industry and unique experiences we can help you negotiate settlements with ESCO’s. Thom has negotiated six-figure settlements on behalf of building owners.